Esther Akoth popularly known as Akothee has announced that she will soon be quitting social media.

In a lengthy post titled “What is left to post?”, the self proclaimed president of single mothers said that she no longer has things to post because of how people take her wrongly.

According to her, she shares posts to encourage and motivate people but most of them don’t absorb them positively because they are jealous.

“I am quitting social media soon. I have nothing to post that won’t make you angry or frustrated. I have nothing to post that won’t look like a show off, or faking it. I want peace in 2023,” the mother of five said.

She advised her followers to show less of their achievements, family, pregnancy and movements on social media sites because of the many evil eyes that are out there.

“The truth of the matter is that we have more evil eyes than people who are truly happy for you. People envy what you have, forgetting there is a price you paid for everything you got now. Admiration has turned into envy into jealous and finally upgraded to witchcraft,” Akothee said.

In a separate post, she revealed that she joined social media in 2014 and fell into the trap of believing everything that she saw celebrities posting. She admitted that she was so naïve and stupid to adopt the lifestyle which she believed was real.

“I ended up buying fleets of cars I didn’t need at all. Drivers smiled all the way to their pockets since I could not keep tabs with everything. I almost grew white hair in my thirties. My maintenance cost for my cars alone was 2.5 million a month,” Akothee recounted.

She added that her fans pushed her not to repeat clothes, shoes and handbags.

“I woke up in 2017 when I realized the fakeness on social media. In 2018, I got tired of pleasing fans with my wardrobe. I started putting on madam boss uniform for Househelps and deras immediately they forgot and nowadays they don’t when I have new clothes,” Akothee said.


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