Nadia Mukami

Nadia Mukami experienced culture shock when she visited Arrow Bwoy’s rural home.

The mother of one was shocked to see her Ugandan in-laws kneel while greeting elders or serving their husbands food.

“When I went to Arrow Bwoy’s shagz I saw in-laws from his side kneel when greeting elders or when serving your husband that was my culture shock ya Uganda. What culture shock did you experience when meeting your in-laws?” Nadia said.

The mother of one has however emulated the same. While narrating her culture shock incident, she also shared a video of herself kneeling while serving Arrow Bwoy food.

Reacting to the video, her fiancé said that her dowry has now been increased.

“Aaah shetani amepita @Nadia Mukami dowry price imepanda sasa,” the father of one said and Nadia told him that she will offer him a similar treatment the following day.

Fans however shared their thoughts on Nadia kneeling for Arrow Bwoy;

David Manguru: If you are  shorter than 5feet, kneeling is unnecessary as there’s no difference with standing!

Mungai Eve: Our very own daughter of maumau can’t do this🤣😂🤣 @nadia_mukami

Amanda Kakui: In maasai land we also give the husband food with a very respectful manner… we bend our heads as a respect when greeting our elders … @nadia_mukami this is amazing. Culture must be preserved ❤️ you are a beautiful woman and submissive to your husband.. I love seeing this 🔥 God bless your marriage

Shee Vegee: Wahh nijikutee yoh…but im sure you’re not daughter of mt.kenya…we don’t do this!!!!

 Meanwhile, the lovebirds are set to drop their first ever EP titled love and vibes on June 2, 2023. They have however released songs together before including Radio love, Kai wangu, Raha and were also featured in Furaha remix.


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