Jackie Matubia

Content Creator and Actress Jackie Matubia has been forced to update fans about the status of her first born daughter, Zari, after a stressful night recently.

This is after many of her fans hit her inbox wondering how the young girl was doing.

“Ooh guys I see your questions. Zari woke up feeling good and she is doing perfect. Thank you guys,” Jackie wrote on her Insta stories.

On Thursday, the mother of two had shared a video of her trying to soothe Zari to sleep, saying she  was emotional and could not stop crying.

“Yesterday night my daughter was emotional. She kept on crying. Let me tell you I was also struggling to keep it together for her. God continue to give me the strength to raise my girls. After this, I went to my room and cried a good one. This is the side that you don’t see,” she captioned the video.

Jackie Matubia and her two daughters.

This however comes at a time when it is rumored that Jackie and her fiancé Blessing Lungaho are no longer together. Jackie not only deleted Lungaho’s photos from her Instagram account but also removed his portraits in her living room.

Jackie Matubia
Matubia and Lungaho Photo|Courtesy


A source who spoke to a local website claimed that Jackie Matubia is fed up with Lungaho and was on the verge of kicking him out of the house because he is not supportive.

“Matubia is fed up with Lung’aho and it doesn’t help that allegations of infidelity keep swirling around. The couple are not on the same level as Lunga’ho is not pulling his weight. Matubia lives in Kiambu and has been paying the rent all by herself for the longest time and looking after their baby. Lung’aho hasn’t been supportive at all when it comes to paying bills,” the source said.

The couple has however remained mum about the matter.


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