Has its come  to your attention that maybe Brenda otieno, the ”Adhiambo” Video vixen could be clout chasing for an upcoming project?

The timeliness and proximity on when the well endowed main video vixen of Bahati’s collaboration featuring Prince Indah Adhiambo is launching complains about the artist is could be questionable.

Brenda Otieno, who is publicly complaining about not being paid by Bahati  now for the second time, begun and is continuing to trend on the socials  hardly the same week after its was revealed that the artist will be doing a collabo with Congolese artist Innos B.

Many now feel that she could be using that to channel people’s attention towards her and Bahati in preparations for the release of the song.

Adhiambo cast

Clout chasing has been a norm that is becoming common among Kenyan artists and social media influencers before they give major announcements about their crafts.

According to her latest interview the lady in question is demanding for 20% of the total earnings on that video.

Bragging on her prowess in mathematics she revealed that it is equivalent to Ksh 4million.

”They lied to me they were gong to send to me money the following day, you can imagine how much that video has made” Brenda said decrying that she has been used .

The vixen who is being suspected of clout chasing has vowed to take legal action against Bahati adding that failure to pay her, the part she was playing needs to be pulled down.

She further demanded that Bahati looks for her in order for them to have a conversation.

”Lets face each other mwanamke kwa mwanaume we need to talk.”

Social  media users are however, not happy with her with some wondering whether she is the only person who  was featured in the song

”4 million kwani yeye ni song writer?

hana nyota ya nyash benefits

were you the only vixen in the video…Bahati  doesn’t need you to  influence views for him. Something’s are better resolved by dialogue

You were used fear women.” fans commented.

The question is  whether she is honest or clout chasing…neither Bahati nor Prince Indah have  addressed the issue.



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