A flawless skin is on of the biggest flex and confidence booster among women, many go the extra mile to achieve that smooth and fair glow.

African popstar Nadia Mukami is among many Kenyan women who have been struggling with getting fair skin,she has not yet achieved it a significant improvement has been achieved.

Nadia took to her Instagram  main feed and stories to brag about her progress highlighting the products that have helped her achieve the glow.

Her quotations have however caused a stir on social media some stating that its her class, others money and some claiming that its her phone.

Skin goals😍” 

The belief that having money is a direct ticket to fair skin was not left out by a fan who insists that Nadia Mukami’s skin can be highly attributed to the money she has.

Number one shoulda been Money😂😂😂🤣🤣 without money eeeeh you can’t make it to the last bit
@miss_akinyi254 thanks for being honest 😂😂😂
A section of fans believe that Nadia Mukami has that I do because of the type of phone she has an filters have a large role on the picture.
”the power of iphone”
”moreen mackline ungetoa filters ju shingo imekuuza”
To some Nadia Just looks good.
 kitalean mama mrembio sana
its muuya 254mama kai mpoa,
Apart from Nadia, Azziad Nasenya is one of the Kenyan celebrity who has been on the radar of critics due to her previous and transformed skin.

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