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Singers Arrow Bwoy and Nadia Mukami have opened up on their brief break-up that saw them stop working together last December.

In an interview with Radio Maisha, the couple insisted that they truly had broken up and were not chasing clout.

“We truly split, it was serious, we had separated low key but it was later known, it was not clout,” Arrow Bwoy said.

Asked on who was the cause of the problem, the couple pointed fingers at each other, but they didn’t give details on what really transpired.

“Ni sisi wote tulikuwa wa makosa. Kwanza yeye ndio alikuwa na makosa kwasabbau yeye ndio alifanya ikajulikana. Muhimu tulijuwa makosa  na tukarekebisha na tukarudiana. Alijua makosa yake akanitafuta akapiga magoti. Alisimp akasema you know nakupenda sana, napenda mtoto sana, sitaki mtoto wangu alelewe bila baba, sitaki mtu mwingine akuje kwa maisha ya mtoto wangu, nikasema its okay lakini usirudie, ” Arrow Bwoy jokingly said as he imitated Nadia’s voice.

On a serious note however, Nadia said that Arrow Bwoy sought the help of her mother to have the issues between them sorted out.

“You wish. Yeye ndio alinitafuta, akaita had mamangu kwasababau nilikuwa nimerusha mkono, nilikuwa nimechoka. Halafu pia I think ilikuwa ni hio period ya transition to motherhood, kuwa pamoja, kuishi pamoja it was not very easy lakini next time akirudia itabidi aoe tena,” the Yule Yule hitmaker said.

Defending himself, Arrow Bwoy said that their new song, Mi Nawe, addressed everything.

“If you love each other, you will fight but if you truly love each other the aim is you will not separate, you will fight, quarrel but at the end of the day you goal is greater, you come together and push your different goals,” the father of one said.

At the same time, he said that he usually calms don first whenever they have issues in their relationship.

“I calm, Nadia boils so much. I know where I am going, I want a family and I don’t desire to jump from one woman to another, if I find myself in such a situation it will be just bad lack, it will be Satan. I usually calm and say there is no better  person than the one I am with out there, lets correct the mistakes we make,” he said.


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