Willy Paul is set to release his first song for 2023 this Friday and he can’t keep calm about it.

The singer took to social media to reveal that the song, titled Umeme, cost him a fortune. According to him he roughly spend over a half a million in audio production only, something that he says has not occurred in the country.

The cost however does not seem to bother him because he is after giving his fans quality music in 2023.

“One thing you should know about the song that I’ll be releasing on Friday… I spent 5000$ (about Kshs619,000) on the audio production only. Something no Kenyan artist has done before, I go for Quality not Quantity. Its 2023- Year of Quality #umeme coming your way this Friday 10:10am,” Willy Paul said.

Many of his followers are however not convinced about that and some blasted him for exaggerating.

“Are you working to release good music or working to prove a point to Kenyan artist? This song will be the biggest flop of 2023. You don’t know Angela yet😒 zzero budget, hit song,” an Instagram user told him.

“Try to improve on your show biz Iko chini kias,” read another comment.

“Paying a lot doesn’t mean that it will make sense,” a netizen said.


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