Rumors that Nameless’ wife Wahu could be carrying a fourth child have emerged again in the  recent days.

This is after she shared a video of herself promoting one of the popular body lotions while dressed in a dera.

A section of her fans believed that she was actually pregnant and they proceeded  to share congratulatory messages.

Wahu however also took to the comments section to set the record straight.

“For those who are congratulating me allow me to enjoy my food in peace and loosen my bel. Is a food baby ,” she said.

Fans however did not stop with the pregnancy speculations prompting her to further address the matter.


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In her statement, Wahu said that she is content with her three girls and is not planning to get another child.

“For those who are wishing a baby boy for me I am sure that you don’t mean bad but allow me to say this once and for all . I am happy with my three princesses. I am not pregnant. Ni kukula vizuri, neither do I want to go down that road again. I am satisfied and content with my blessings.

“God has been good enough to us and I can’t thank him enough. However that chapter is happily closed. Tumetosheka. So please don’t project your desires on me or anyone else for that matter. That said, I pray that God answers the prayers of all those out here who are on their knees for a child. May He hear your prayers,” the Sweet love hitmaker said on social media.

In August this year, Wahu was also forced to shut claims of expecting another child, saying that her stomach was growing as a result of eating well.

Wahu and Nameless’ last born daughter, Shiru, turned a year old in October. Before her, the couple had suffered two miscarriages


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