Awinja alias Jackie Vike a popular Kenyan comedian has reacted to the news from the grapevine that accused a man she desires of stealing a motorcycle.

The comedian replied to a post from a popular blog known as Nairobi gossip which had posted messy scenes of the singer being roughed up by a group of men who were accusing him of stealing their bodaboda.

Typical of a comedian, she reacted by typing a prayer taking it a notch higher by using her vernacular Luhya accent.

Terming him as a child, the comedian pleaded with God to help him and go before him always as he was walking on very dirty waters.

She stated that God had not communicated the musician’s predicament to her before praying for holy intervention in his ways.

‘Nyasae Gasiza Mwana Muyayi uyu,agendera mukindu,kivoku na vuza ive mwene umuimili,utange ,naye akoronde,kindu kidamanu imbiri wewe dave umuimili urogendo rirwe rowe ulahi.Amen”

Translated into

”Mungu tengeneza saidia huyu kijana anatembelea kwa kitu mbaya,wewe mweneywe mtanguliembele na yeye akufwate hii kitu hukuniambia nomba umtangulie mbele ndio mwenedo wake uwe mzuri kabisa. Amen.” the comedian wrote.

Other netizens also reacted to the accusations, below are some of the samples.

”It’s how guzman’s girlfriend stood up for him.”

”Hunanga nyota Awinja.”

”Waliskiza ngoma zao for a day wakaamua GTA activities ? lakini they are innocent until proven guilty.”

The comedian’s reaction caught netizens’ attention because just a few days before the singer was hit with the accusations, Awinja had confessed in an interview that she found the Mbogi Genje rapper handsome and would not mind dating him.

On his part, the singer denied the accusations blaming it on jealousy from his peers who did not want him to succeed.

He told his side of the story, stating that the bodabada rider had ferried him to his house then left his motorcycle outside for a little chitchat . When he got out his source of livelihood was nowhere to be seen and that is when all hell broke loose.


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