Comedian and Milele FM Radio Presenter David Oyango, alias, Mulamwah has shared with his fans a list of things that he has achieved in 2023.

In a brief post on social media, Mulamwah said that he has achieved a home, marriage, pregnancy and a degree from his wife Ruth.

♥️♥️ the year in emojis – 🏠💍🫄🎓 . God did,” he shared.

Mulamwah began constructing his mansion in Kitale last year and currently it’s on the final stages of construction.

“POLE POLE TU , Inawezekana 🙏🙏 God has been great , let no one tell you that you CANT !!! , trust in your self , believe in your dreams , pray to God and do your best . one day youll sit back and say I DID IT 💪💪 , KEJANI WITH MULAMWAH , coming up soon on youtube , tuchanuane , tusave , tuinvest kama yuthmen . bestie alikua area,” the father of one said while updating fans on the progress of his mansion a month ago.


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He also formalized his union with Ruth K, and officially met his in-laws on October 28, 2023.

His post on his 2023 success however came just after his baby mama, Carol Muthoni, took to YouTube to respond to questions from fans about her, Mulamwah and their daughter Keilah.

In the video, Muthoni confirmed that she was raising their Keilah on her own but her parents however are very supportive.

She also revealed that she had dropped Mulamwah’s name from their daughter’s name.

“Keilah is called Keilah Chloe Wangoi Muthoni, thank you so much for that question,” she said.

She also seemed to poke holes on Mulamwah and Ruth’s relationship, saying that when she will decide to introduce the man she is currently dating the world will stop.

“Mpoa wangu huwa nakuwa hapa each and everytime, ni venye tu hataki kuonekana kwa camera .The day I will decide to introduce my mpoa dunia itasimama wacha hio yenye mnasema ati ruracio sijui nini nini. Yetu itasimamisha dunia,”she said


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