Nameless’ wife Wahu Kagwi has denied claims that she is expecting another child.

Netizens suspected that Wahu was pregnant because of a photo that was shared by rapper King Kaka, while thanking her and her hubby for gracing an event recently.

In the photo, Wahu’s tummy seemed bigger than usual and a section of netizens could not help but congratulate her.


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Following the overwhelming congratulatory messages, Wahu was forced to come out and set the record straight, saying that her stomach appeared bigger because she had just eaten.

” Guys guys can a girl enjoy her food in peace without being congratulated yawa,” the mother of three said.

Responding to her comment, King Kaka noted that people were too sensitive as if they also don’t eat.

Nameless and Wahu welcomed their last born in October last year. The couple had however suffered two miscarriages prior. They also don’t intend to add another child as revealed by Nameless in June this year.

“Tumefunga. Nimeenda vasectomy. Nimeona nitake things into my own hands. Tumefunga. At this time, three girls I am happy with  that and we are feeling blessed Shiru anatukeep busy,” he told YouTuber Vincent Mboya. He later revealed that the vasectomy report was not true.

At the same time he insisted that he is not affected  when people demand him to have a boy child. The Inspire hitmaker said that the most important thing is to have healthy child.

“That doesn’t affect me. For me I find it very amusing that we have people who can still be in that old school method of thinking. As long as  una mtoto ako healthy you do your best  even if its not 100% you as a parent you are just supposed to be guide the child,”

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