willy paul

Willy Paul was spotted picking a petite lass along Thika road and netizens were quick chime in with amusing responses.

The encounter which has been making rounds online has garnered a lot of reactions as Kenyans were fascinated by how the renown musician casually picked up the lady.

While many celebrities’ are often picky with who they ingratiate with Willy Paul sets himself apart as many fans have claimed that he is often spotted in his yellow benz around Kahawa.

Others quickly also flocked to the comment section to give their thoughts on the incident.

“The moment I Saw this video on TikTok I was like, si hii gari ni ya pozze. 😂 Enyewe imequlwa” one wrote.,

“online mna sifu mali safi lakini kwa ground mna kula njahiii” said another

“Nivile tu huyu hakushuka nduthi . Willy Paul is a number one clout chaser” read a separate comment.

“Afathali gloria muliro angeachaa ajitie kitanzii 😂😂😂😂😂”

Willy Paul was nonchalant about the reactions of netizens and even playfully stated that he was coming for the mother of the person who took the video. He also declared that he would be releasing another album.

“It was an awesome experience, next ni mama ya cameraman nitabeba 😃 😊 😀 😄 big album loading fam.” Willy Paul wrote.

Surprisingly Willy Paul earlier this years cautioned men from dating Instagram beauties who he described as a poisoned chalice  and that they should  look for wives in the villages.

“One thing I have realised is, hawa madem wa Instagram ni sumu. My fellow men, let us look for wife materials ushago, tuwasafishe wangare vile tunataka. Hawa wa TikTok na IG ni mapepo. One minute uko na yeye hapa Nairobi, the next minute akona baba Kamau Mombasa na aka change hadi jina,” he wrote










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