Vera Sidika a vibrant Kenyan socialite  was forced to reveal her son’s face to the world after her estranged son’s father beat her to it.

The real housewives of Nairobi cast member shared a hearty message dedicated to her young one who was also coincidentally celebrating  his 7 months birthday.

Sidika took to her largely followed Instagram account to reveal never seen before pictures of her Babyboy adding that she was pushed to post them because her fellow parent did it first without consulting her.

She expressed her disappointment in Brown Mauzo owing to the fact that she had spent money planning for a face reveal party.

In the caption , the socialite thanked God for giving her the gift of a son, proceeded to wish him happiness and good health before promising to give everything in her to ensure Ice Brown gets the very best in life.

”God blessed me with the most handsome boy @prince-icebrown. I wish not only happiness and health for my baby  but I also promise that I will give everything in me to ensure that his life will be the best it can be. Happy 7 months prince ice brown .N\B just had to since they revealing the face without at least informing me.” Sidika wrote.


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Netizens who were keenly watching the drama unfold between the two former lovers flocked her comment section, each with their different opinions on Sidika’s co-parenting problems.

”He’s cute, so no reveal anymore ”

” Mbona anakaa tofauti ule mwingine alikuwa amepakwa ponds”

”Venye bwana ametuonyesha ndio umekimbia kutuonesha na mlikua mmeficha ” netizens commented.

Mauzo stirred chaos online after he posted his son’s face for the first time ever. This was taken by netizens as a jab directed towards his co-parent since it was unusual for Vera Sidika to reveal his face so casually.







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