Former gospel singer Willy Paul has threatened to do the unthinkable to an artist who is after his baby mama.

The controversial musician did not provide details about who the artist was but he said that he has bleached his skin.

“Just Me After Working Out Manze, Kuna Msanii Ameji Bleach Naskia Alienda Kwa Mama Ya Mtoto Wangu. Bro Chungana Na Mimi Utawekwa Chupa. Stay Off My Lane Coz I Can Be Very Harmful To You’re Fake Life,” Willy Paul said.

The threatening post came shortly after he shared a video of his daughter Sonya with her mother. Sonya turned 3 years old a week ago and Willy Paul took to social media to celebrate her.

“Help Me Wish My Daughter a Happy 3rd Birthday…SONYA Papa Loves You Tooooooooo Much,” the Njiwa hitmaker said.

The warning directed to the unidentified artist however comes at a time when Willy Paul is trending after he was spotted picking a woman casually along Thika Road.

In a video that found its way on social media, he was in his Yellow Mercedes. They exchanged greeting before the woman entered the car’s back seat.

Reacting to the viral video, he said that the experience was amazing and went ahead to say that the next person he would be picking is the camera man’s mother.

“It was an awesome experience, next ni mama ya cameraman nitabeba 😃 😊 😀 😄 big album loading fam.” Willy Paul reacted.

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