Popular Kenyan Entrepreneur-cum-dance hall singer Karagu Kimani alias  KRG the don has piqued into the rumored break up of  Akothee and her Switzerland husband who netizens nicknamed Omosh  the 7th.

The ” mathigithanio” hitmaker addressed the highly publicized breakup stating that relationships are hard in that they do not function like businesses do.

The artist stated that on lookers are always armed with the best pieces of advise for love birds  but when its their turn they  became clueless.

”Mambo ya relationship ni rahisi tu na kusema lakini ukiambiwa endesha hio steering ni magumu sana. Relationship si kama biashara ati utafungua restaurant uuze chai watu wasipokuja utakunywa mambo ya relationships ni ngumu” he explained.

KRG maintained that he would not bash the mother of 5 since he was aware that she was not in the right emotional state. He then proceeded to counsel Kenyans to give Akothee the grace to heal  instead of antagonizing her online.

”Nikiwa nataka kupigana mangumi ni better nipigane na mtu ako na nguvu. Kwa sahi mental state yake , emotionally she is not there to attack me. Sahi naomba tu wakenya wapatie Akothee chance ya kupumzika. Ile mambo anapitia ni yeye tu na mwenyezi mungu wanajua” KRG said.

The one time divorcee had earlier  declared  Akothee’s marriage certificate  null and void since  he had  not attended the ceremony due to prior  business engagements.

The father of 2 had gone online after the star studded wedding to issue a budget he claimed he would cover . The outspoken artist  even went further to claim that the second wedding held in his honor would see the president in attendance.

Akothee’s sudden breakup comes months after an invite only wedding which was the talk of the town for the whole weekend. Her separation has left tongues wagging as speculations flood the internet on what caused the end of the union.











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