Comedian Mulamwah has been trying to support his 2-year old daughter Keilah but his efforts have hit a dead end.

During a recent interaction with his Instagram followers, Mulamwah revealed that his baby mama has been sending back any support that he has been giving.

He however doesn’t understand why the situation is like that.

“I try support but ni hard. Unatuma pesa zinareversiwa ata birthday nimetuma gift ikarudishwa. So inakuwa tricky sana sijui shida iko wapi jameni,” he said.

This comes just days after Sonnie warned women about getting pregnant because their men want children.

“Ladies just a reminder. Never get pregnant because a man wants a kid, Get pregnant because you are ready and you are financially stable. Otherwise KITAKURAMBA 😂😂😂 Ni hayo tu kwa sasa 😂” she wrote.

Keilah however turned two years old in September and Carol treated her to a vacation at the coast. After returning to the capital city she had a brief session with YouTuber Nicholas Kioko where she was able to address some of the controversies surrounding her relationship with Mulamwah.

Carol said that she is not aware if Mulamwah celebrated Keilah’a birthday and didn’t want to speak if their co-parenting was successful.

“Hizo mastory sitaki kuongelea sana because tushatoka huko. What matters at the moment is Kayla is good, Keilah is growing,” she said.

On whether Mulamwah was Keilah’s biological father she said, “I feel like that the person that you have mentioned should be asked the right questions coz we all saw alideny mtoto wake I don’t why you guys don’t ask that question like ulideny mtoto wako…So its good and it’s going to be okay if you ask the right questions e.g is Kayla your kid yes or no.”

“My kid was denied, how am I supposed to answer that. What matters ni mtoi agrow story nyingi tuwache . I wouldn’t want to answer that. The truth of the matter is everything is okay, everything is fresh, that’s what matters most,” she further insisted.

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