Amber Ray’s former husband Jamal Rohosafi has broken silence after it  emerged that she was assaulted by her husband Kennedy Rapudo.

The Matatu Owners Association boss broke silence on the matter in a video where he was captured singing along to Whozu’s song.

In the lyrics, he specifically urged his  audience to listen to the part where the song said that a woman is not supposed to be beaten.

“Mwanamke hapigwi, analambwa kisigino naskia shilole uchebe kamng’oa jino. Nesi katumwa majibu eh kaleta kipimo anakasura kazuri ila anabonge la shii,” Jamal sang along.

Those who commented on the video said that the message was clearly directed to Rapudo and that he was celebrating his fall.

“Why are you celebrating?” one TikToker asked him.

“I now see why Kenyans are fighting online, uchokozi kwa DNA yetu,” said another.

“Kwani hakuna ex wa Amber humove on, mkamba hatari,” read another comment.

@jimal_rohosafiMy time with ❤️♬ original sound – Jimal_Rohosafi

Amber and Rapudo have separated after the violent incident and the mother of two has since moved back to her house. She unfollowed Rapudo and even deleted his photos on her Instagram account.

Rapudo on the other hand admitted his mistakes saying that it happened when they were both drunk.

”Yes, we’ve separated over an incident that happened while we were both drunk on the night of the 13th this month. It’s an event that should never have happened and I feel very sorry and in deep regret that it happened mostly to the person I swore to love and protect with all that I had,” he wrote on Instagram.

He however said that the isolated incident should not brand him a violent person.

“What caught me by surprise is how the writer chose her words! One single isolated incident doesn’t mean that I am a violent person- Ive never been and I will never be.I’m raising two beautiful girls and I would never advocate for domestic violence or any type of gender based violence” hefurther said.

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