WCB Boss Diamond and her signee Zuchu have once again made an epic stage appearance in the ongoing Wasafi Festival.

The dynamic duo graced the stage in Arusha in physician and patient attire as the fans waited in  bated breaths. Diamond played the role of a patient and Zuchu as his doctor.

Zuchu could be seen caressing Diamond in loving embraces which got fans excited as they could not resist the spectacle of the arousal between the two.

The two synched while they performed some of their songs on stage while zuchu touched Dangote seductively on his chest and face.

“Unanipenda mimi, Unanitaka pia , unaniaminia, umeniridhia” the two sang in perfect tempo which they resonated to in their collaboration “mtasubiri”

The two further used the moment to dismiss detractors who had been envying their relationship or those thinking that their romantic involvement had come to an end.


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This however came soon after reports emerged that Diamond had been hospitalised

“My day today started very badly in Arusha, with a high fever that led to temporary hospitalisation. I thank God. I am doing well now, and I continue to gain strength. Do not stop praying for me. May I have more strength and do well on the Wasafi Festival Show,” Diamond shared on Instagram.


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