Actress Carol Sonnie could not help but  burst out  in erratic emotions after popular YouTuber  Nicholas Kioko asked if the father of her daughter Mulamwah was taking care of the child.

Although she did not give a straight response to the question she weighed in that ever since Mulamwah put it clear on social media that he is not the father of the child she has never looked back and it does not matter if he  is not providing.

Sonie asked Nicholas Kioko to pose the question to Mulamwah since he is in a better position to answer if he is providing for the child or not.

“Aaah, kusema ukweli hizo stori huwa sitaki kuongelea sana unajua tushatoka huko. Cha umuhimu sasa hivi ni kwamba Keilah ako vizuri, anakua. Lakini pia nahisi mtu huyo uliyemtaja [Mulamwah] anafaa kuulizwa swali sahihi, swali kama [Sonie laughed] … sote tunajua kwamba alimkataa mwanawe. Sijui mbona hammuulizi swali hilo kwamba ni kweli ulikataa mwanao,” she said.

The Mother of one reiterated that things will be much clearer and better if buzz sites would pose the question to Mulamwah on the upbringing of their alleged daughter Keilah and if he was his child or not.

“Inafaa mmuulize maswali kama ‘Keilah ni mwanao, ndio ama hapana’” she responded to the interviewer’s question.

She however refused to delve into the details of the paternal of her daughter claiming it does not bear much water in the ultimate order of things.

Sonie declared that she had much to say on the real father of her daughter but she’ll engage netizens the whole truth on her You Tube channel.

She also opened up on her life currently where she revealed she had gone back to her former  ex which she claimed explains her adding weight which she announced in bubbly smiles.



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