Controversial TikTok sensation Brian Chira has come out guns blazing to address media personalities who have been in the industry for more than 10 years.

During a live session on TikTok, Chira called out the individuals saying it’s time for them to retire so that they can create room for the younger generation.

“If you have stayed on media for more than 10 years,walk,walk,walk out. Retire,retire its simple. Kama umekaa kwa media more than 10 years, retire. Tutapata kazi lini?” he said.

He pointed out that some that  some organisations have very old employees as the youths continue struggle withy joblessness.

“Ni kama vile tu unawalkingi into some organisations. Unapata mshosho ni wa 20 years. Retire. Tutafanya kazi lini na mko hapo mna mna mna yaani mko tu. Muende nyumbani, muende nyumbani,mwende nyumbani, ” said the TikToker.

” Unakwamilia kwa kazi, kwani sisi tutapata kazi lini? Na ati niko kwa media oh muy hod, my show is watched more than 10 years, my show is watched more than 10 years ni muende nyumbani kwani sisi tutapata kazi lini?,” he added.

He went ahead to give examples of media personalities who retired to pave way for others Among those he mentioned are Sheila Mwanyiga, Shaffy Weru, Andrew Kibe, Kamene Goro and Oga Obina.

“I am speaking pure facts. Unakaa kwa media kwani babako ndio anaiown?,” spat Brian.

Following his outbursts, a section of his audience claimed that he was once again drunk

“Chira amelewa. Niitieni mum Nyako, niitieni mum Nyako oh Chira amelewa, amelewe pesa gani yako? Niitieni mum Nyako wenye wanasema hapa ati Chira amelewa, amelewa amelewa nini?,” he however told them off.

Nyako promised to help Chira to get on his feet after his altercation with Azziad Nasenya.

She advised against taking alcohol and spending on friends who just want to take advantage of him.

“We are going to start with a place to stay. So that you are stable. A stable home is the most important thing for you now. A place you call home hata kama ni room moja. But you know when I go there I’m going to have peace of mind than leo uko hapa, kesho uko pale, the next day unajipata in a chang’aa den, unaingia live, umetumiwa lions, you have friends, three days they laugh with you but when the money is gone they have disappeared. It is confusion. I want you to be stable,” Nyako said.


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