Controversial YouTube Content Creator Andrew Kibe suffered a huge blow on Monday when his official YouTube channel was terminated.

The account had approximately 60 million views , about  500,000 subscribers and 3000 videos.

The account is said to have been shutdown for failing to adhere to community guidelines and standards.

Responding to the termination, Kibe was still unconvinced that YouTube had turned against him,.

“Train ili toka stenje kitambo, hizi ni kelele za chura. Time ya LIVE ni ile ile aisay,” said the 47year old.

Later, Kibe announced some changes revealing that he is opting for other social media platforms where he will be hosting his shows and administering whips to those who deserve them.

“Have been testing out the live feature on and i am confident we shall be going LIVE this Friday. Sign up there and start uploading your content cartel. Meanwhile, catch me tonight here on X, Rumble, Instagram and TikTok. The train left the station bruh,”  the former radio host said.

A section of Kenyans are however pleased with his downfall while others have sympathized with him. Here are some of their reactions;

“Watu wanaskia mbaya juu kibe anaambia watu ukweli, they want system to ruin your life, roho chafu,” Likhanga brian wrote.

“Ukiona mwanaume anaenjoy this downfall, jua uyo ni feminist ,” said Rodney.mgk

“From Andrew Tate to Andrew Kibe, they want us to be weak m****f**,” read another comment.

“The system wants us soft but we will not allow it. Show us the way bwana Kibe, show us the way,” commented leweys_

Kibe gained many enemies especially celebrities  because of roasting them on his YouTube videos. Some of the celebrities and popular media outlets that blocked him on social media include, Kamene Goro, NRG radio,Pulse Live, Terrence Creative, Milly Chebby, Mungai Eve, Presenter Ali and director Trevor .


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