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Controversial TikTok sensation Brian Chira has joined forces with other Kenyans to prove to Tanzanians that they can not match Kenya’s rap game.

Chira shared a video of himself rapping along some hip hop beats and first tackled Tanzanian female rapper Rosa Ree in the song

“Rosa Ray, kuja tiktok nikupee roses zako uende nyumbani,” he sang.

He went on to take on Diamond saying that were it not for Zari, he would be no where currently.

“Diamond, unanishow mawhat?ka si zari, hungewai omoka…aii aiii aiii aii,” Brian Chira spitted in his diss track.

He went ahead to urge rappers Breeder LW and Octopizzo to show Tanznaians how rap music is done, as he further dissed their currency.

“Yani mnabeba pesa kwa gunia, nabeba thao. We unabeba? 27,000 in your pocket, na ni thao moja oi Tanzania,” he went on.


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Chira’s song has elicited mixed reactions among Kenyans with some saying that he has further crucified Kenya in the beef that seems not to be ending any time soon.

Sean MPreezy: Someone take away this man’s phone, take away his access to internet, and and give him a Bible

2mbili: This is proof enough that Tanzanians don’t know how to rap.

Dormani: uyu aende Tanzania juu nikama anawapea points instead kutoa diss.

Mtumba Man: I knew this guy had some talents hatujui, this guy is blessed he’s the next OG walai …..iyo ni kali waaaah kwanza apo kwa aai aai aai.

Giliani: Deletini hii watanzania wasione

Tunny: Heri ungiengia TikTok uwatusi


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