Former Radio presenter Andrew  Kibe has  criticised  those celebrating the closure of his YouTube channel.

Terence Creative and Pritty Vishy are among those who could not hide their joy following the report.

“Very sad, ill miss my nganuthia whips,” commented Terrence sarcastically.

“Maridadi pozi tena pozi kabishaaa,”Pritty said on the other hand.

Addressing them, Kibe said that he will still be in existence and will be criticising them on a daily basis.

“Nganuthia and all his people are celebrating  they are thinking that I am dead, no I will never stop hata kama nitabaki hapa na watu wawili, nikuwa hapa nakuwhip daily. Kabahanye, I won’t stop. Unless mniue. Find a way to kill me physically,” he said

At the same time, he claimed that his account  was closed without any prior warning. Kibe was angry that he was being denied the freedom of expression.

“Mkuje mtudominate time ya slavery alafu saizi mtudominate? Aje kwani sasa hatuna akili,” said kibe

With that in mind, Kibe urged  people to develop their own things to avoid being  controlled.

“Build our own thing for ourselves,  that’s it. So that we can regulte and be our own watchmenNot this people. Wanatudominats aje?  Aje? Ati saii lazima tukae tukikiss a** I cannot sit here and say what i want to say because there is somebody somewhere sitting somewhere waiting to see if they will be offended . Go get offended,” said the 47-year old.




September 12, 2023

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