Dancehall artist KRG The Don has lamented about Kenyans’ move to judge him after he was accused of neglecting his 19-year old daughter and several of his children.

The controversial artists however noted that the truth about the matter will soon be revealed. He also promised to take up his fatherly responsibilities if truly he is the father of the young girl.

“Why are Kenyans so quick to judge me surely. The truth will be revealed soon. Kama watoto ni wangu I will take full responsibility but kama sio wangu pia ni sawa. Makosa hutendeka,” KRG wrote on Instagram.


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Susan Kinyanjui, the woman claiming to be the 19-year old’s mother, said she knew KRG back in 2002 and in August 2003, they were blessed with their daughter.

According to her, KRG stopped taking care of their daughter when she was 7 months old.

“KRG tulijuana na yeye 2002 akiwa anafanya kazi Gikomba. 2003 August 5th ndo nilipata Yvonne. Vile nilipata huyu mtoi alikubali mtoto na akaanza kusaidia mtoto ata vitu za hospitali yeye ndo alisimamia kila kitu, manguo za mtoi. Sasa tukakaa after kitu seven months ndo akaanza kuanza kama hataki kulea mtoto after amepata dem mwingine. Nilipata mtoi nkiwa under age. Nlikua mdogo sana sikua ata na ID but yeye alikua na ID,” Susan said.In her message, Yvonne urged KRG to pay her college fees so that she can support herself in future. She said that she is currently stuck at home, while her colleagues are joining college.

Addrressing the matter earlier, KRG asked women who  think have his children to come out by Tuesday so that the matter can be dealt with once and for all.

“Alooooooh Mambo imechemka Apa 😂😂😂😂 Huyu naona ni Kama ni wa Dufla Kapsa ama Nyinyi Mnaona Kama ni wangu?After God Fear who?From Next week Kama unadhani Uko na Mtoto wangu we must do a get together ndio tumalize hizi kesi Mara moja. Msilete Tena hizi mambo online baadae TafadhalBut 2002 aaaaiiiiih I was a kid myself bwana!!!!Ama ni post ID kabisa kabisa,” he said.

Several people have since come out claiming to be KRG’s children.


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