Uhuru Kenyatta

Former president Uhuru Kenyatta has vowed that he will not bow to Intimidation from the government and rebellious Jubilee members pushing for his retirement.

While making a speech at the 2023 Jubilee party National Delegates convention at  Ngong Racecourse, the former head of state said no amount of threats will move him.

“Kuna wale ambao wameamua ya kwamba kazi itakuwa ya vitisho na kulazimisha. Siku ya leo nawaambia Tafuteni mwengine, sio mimi,” Uhuru said.

He also said that he had considered of retiring from politics come this year. He however said that he will do so once his party decided

“My thoughts had told me to relax on politics and go attend to other duties. I thought that today at the NDC I would have resigned and said that my time is up and elect other leaders,” he added.

“Chama sio yangu ina wenyewe, Na hawa wenyewe walinipatia niichunge, na mpaka watakaposema wako tiyari na wamechagua mtu mwengine nitaendelea kushikilia,” vowed Kenyatta.

The Jubilee party leader vowed that Jubilee party is still a strong party and will remain united as one. He has asked those who want to leave the party to do so on peace without causing any chaos.

He also affirmed his support for the Azimio la Umoja leader Raila Odinga saying he will follow him because he believes Raila is a truthful man who wants the nothing but the good of Kenyans.

“Even though I have retired from politics, I’m still a follower of Raila. If he asks me we go we have to do it. I supported him and I will continue doing so because I believe he is truthful,” he further added.






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