An interview between YouTube content creators and President William Ruto’s staunch supporter, Cassypool Capon, turned chaotic when KRG The Don showed up.

KRG interrupted the interview and began to exchange words with Cassypool who maintains that KRG’s music is not popular to Kenyans.

He also refused to respond to Cassypool’s greetings and went ahead to insult him.

“I can’t greet stupid people. This is the guy who looks down upon Kenyan artistes. Why did he call all these cameras. Cassypool you are a very small animal in this town, it just that you have grown fat but you have no influence. Look at your car,” he said, adding that he is a big musician in Kenya.

“Where? Where are you known, lets call one person here” Cassypool fired back and went ahead to question a number of people about KRG’s popularity.

Things however got messy when KRG claimed that poverty and hunger was Cassypool’s main problem. He  offered Cassypool some money as he touched his beards after he called him a child.

“I don’t want. You can’t bribe me. You are now disrespecting me. Stop homosexuality, don’t touch me, stop the nonsense, I can break you,” Cassypool said before they began pushing each other but those present intervened.

Several netizen however believe the incident was stage-managed. Below is the full video of the whole drama.

Video|YouTube|SPM Buzz


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