Radio Presenter and Comedian Dr. Ofweneke has faulted Tanzanian Bongo star Diamond Platinumz over his worrying record of failed marriages and relationships saying he might be the problem.

The outspoken Radio 47 Presenter said that it is considered normal for a man’s first marriage to come tumbling down as maybe the two people were not meant for each other.

Ofweneke added that it may also be okay, though in few situations for man to walk out of the second marriage without necessarily being prejudiced as people sometimes can make a mistake of choosing the wrong partner twice.

He however claimed that it becomes a worrying trend when a man fails three times in a marriage like Diamond. According to him, Diamond might be valuing his money and fame more than the women he married.

“Mimi namweshimu Diamond kwa Muziki lakini ikija kwa wanawake apana. Kwa mwanaume ndoa ya kwanza ikianguka ni sawa, ya pili ikianguka ni sawa. Lakini ndoa zingine tatu? Shida sio wale wanawake, shida ni ile pesa umepata ndio imekuwa your value as a man. Don’t ever fight with a woman in pain,” the comedian said.

The Mr. right host also cautioned men against betting on their money as the only thing value they bring in a relationship saying that a woman can find a man with more money.

“When the only thing you bring on the table is money, the day you leave  that woman will find a man with more money than you and it would mean  your value is no longer there, when all you offer is money, then you have no value as a man” Ofweneke noted.

Ofweneke was responding to the ongoing online beef between Diamond Platinumz and his ex wife and baby mama Zari Hassan.


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