Tyler Mbaya popularly known as Baha slammed Milele FM presenter Ankali Ray for pestering him with questions about his break up with Georgina Njenga.

Ankali was contacting Baha again about the matter and Baha used the opportunity to ask him to focus on his life.

“Mimi nataka ujishughulishe tu na mambo yako kama Ankali.  Naomba tu ujishughulishe na mambo yako. Bro you called me again a few days ago. I didn’t pick up logically because you have been calling me tremendously and it doesn’t make sense. I am just a young kid a young man why do you want to be in my life so much. Maisha yangu ndio yanakulisha wewe baba?” the actor said.

Milele FM Radio presenter Ankali Ray. Photo|courtesy


Ankali did not give up yet and he questioned whether Tyler misses Georgina.

“Wambea tunataka kujua kama utamumiss shemshem Georgie,” he asked.

“Mambo ya udaku ya familia hiyo mambo kama milele mwachane nayo kabisa,” Tyler told him off.

Ankali however pressed him further wanting to know if it was true that he had completely separated with his baby mama.

Tyler did not respond but hanged up. The radio presenter was left confused if he should close that chapter or not.

“Tufunge ama bado tuliwache wazi hili wambea? But rumourmongers as our slogan says we never ever give up,” he said.

Georgina announced that he was no longer with the Machachari actor in mid July this. Last month she came out to give more details as to why they broke up.

“There was no specific reason. It was just not working out si ati nawezakuja nikasema ooh alifanya hivi ooh nilifanya hivi. It was piled up issues si ati there was this specific reason ilifika tu pahali  you guys realize this was no longer working out. Ni mambo mingi tu zenye hamjui so siwezitaka mjue pia,” the influencer shared with Mungai eve.

She further said that the break up was a mutual decision.

“None of us decided ati nimekuacha, it was a mutual agreement of this is not working out si ati kuna any of us aliacha mwingine,” she said.


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