Famous socialite Amber Ray and Kenyan musician Brown Mauzo have announced that they will be hosting a show together in Mwea.

Both Amber Ray and Mauzo shared posters to promote the event, inviting the public to join them.

“September is gonna be fire. Come party with Mr. Loverman, ” said Brown Mauzo.

“Are you even ready for Mwea peeps?16th is the date Tupatane@jamiiexecutiveardensmwea….you can’t afford to miss this one,” Amber Ray posted on the other hand.

The show “Ballers Night Out” is scheduled for Saturday, 16th September 2023.

Among those present will be DJ Lisney and DJ Piera Makena who will be in charge of music and hype will be by Don INTL.

The decision to have the two on the same show has raised questions. This is because Mauzo and Amber are rumoured to have dated in the past. To add salt to the injury, Mauzo is Vera Sidika’s ex-husband and Vera and Amber Ray are real life enemies.The two have been attacking each other online from time to time.

Previously, Vera however confirmed that she did not snatch Mauzo from Amber Ray.

“My husband was single when I met him, I was also single. The woman (Amber Ray) has never had a relationship with him. It was just a business. We were dating while the kick was going on,”  the mother of two said

Here are comments from fans on Amber hosting an event with Brown Mauzo

“So Amber is that girl who doesn’t have exes as enemies hao wanaume ndo ubaki wakililia Amber, Amber show me your ways,” angelgomez5122 commented.

“Happy to see Brown Mauzo there, Otile Brown should watch and learn,” peterjaymonds commented.

“Kiende kiende,,,wengine wakiparty USA wengine wana party hukuu,,Brown Mauzo jienjoy,,,”:fridahkamseng

“Vera typing and deleting,” Carol said.


Is singer Brown Mauzo dating socialite Amber Ray? spotted ...

The announcement about Mauzo and Amber’s event comes just day after Mauzo revealed that he was no longer together with Vera.

“Dear friends and supporters, I wanted to take a moment to share some personal news. After much consideration, Vera Sidika and I decided to part ways. Our journey has been filled with unforgettable moments but we have reached a point where it’s best for both of us and our babies, Asia and Ice to move forward separately,” Brown Mauzo said.


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