Social media influencer Georgina Njenga has opened up on why she broke up with Machachrai actor Tyler Mbaya aka Baha.

In a candid conversation with Mungai Eve, the mother of one said that they decided to call it quits because their relationship was no longer working out.

According to her, there was no specific reason that led to the separation but it was because of  issues that had piled up.

“There was no specific reason. It was just not working out si ati nawezakuja nikasema ooh alifanya hivi ooh nilifanya hivi. It was piled up issues si ati there was this specific reason ilifika tu pahali  you guys realize this was no longer working out. Ni mambo mingi tu zenye hamjui so siwezitaka mjue pia,” Georgina said.

She added that the decision was mutual. They had also previously involved their family before they arrived at the final decision.

“None of us decided ati nimekuacha, it was a mutual agreement of this is not working out si ati kuna any of us aliacha mwingine,” she said.

Georgina Njenga


Georgina also said  that she is yet to heal from the separation because they had been together for a long time.

At the same time, she confirmed that they had broken up for a while when Baha’s betting scandal and scamming allegations came into the limelight. At the time, they had already unfollowed each other on Instagram.

She also confirmed that she is  single and was not dating singer Lexil as it had been rumored recently.

“Lexil is not my boyfriend he is just my friend. I can’t explain why people are saying things,” Georgina said.

She further said that if she would get into a relationship she want a man who is not on social media. She said that she would not publicize the relationship either.

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