Rapper Khaligraph Jones has unleashed his anger on Kiss FM presenters Kwambox and Chito Ndhlovu.

This is after the duo commented on the viral story of him turning down an interview from a BBC journalist during their breakfast show on Tuesday.

Chito said that Khaligraph must have not turned down the big interview rudely but the people who surround him. Kwambox on the other hand said that she was so disappointed in in the rapper’s action.

She noted that the interview would have exposed Khaligraph to the international market.

“I was thinking about this and I am disappointed. Ati Khali hakuwa na time ama ni watu wake? Khali alifanya juzi hapa TZ wakiongea juu ya beef mpaka akasema ati ameapologize na hakuwa na time ya kuongea na watu wa BBC Extra kuweka hio mazishi international. As a fan I am disappointed. Mimi nilikuwa nataka watu wa UK wajue this is the fastest, best English you are ever gonna hear in a rap song,” she said.


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While commenting on their remarks, the Omollo kutoka Bondo singer called them out for sharing lies. He added  that the two must apologize for that and  that he will deal with them once he returns to the country. The rapper left for the Queens land last week.

“Manze mko na ujinga sana nyinyi wote na kupost nonsense. Why are you guys posting lies?

“@chitondlovu and @kwambox, stay hating, sharing false information for clocks. You have to apologize for these lies you are sharing on @kiss100kenya. You never talked about my London show lakini uwongio tu ndio mnajua kuambia watu. Mumeniboo sana wacha nirudi Kenya we deal with this nonsense you have to respect the OG,” he said.

Reacting to Khaligraph reaction, Kwambox and Chito invited him for an interview so that they can settle the matter.


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