Kenyan artist Alex Apoko popularly known as Ringtone Apoko has opened up on his plans to find a wife and start a family.

In a recent interview that he had with digital content creator Mungai Eve, the gospel singer claimed that he is a Ladies’  man adding that he will be marrying soon.

” I have many girlfriends, when I finish my selection I will be able to tell you the girl I will choose,” the chair of Kenyan gospel music said.

According to him, his DMs are filled with messages from female fans, both local and international, showing him love.

The controversial artist added that he wants to have 7 kids in future.  He further said that the lady he will marry will be rewarded with 7 gifts for the 7 times she will bring a baby into the world. He however noted that he is scared of bringing children into the world since they might go through the hardships he underwent while growing up.

“Ndio naogopa nahofia sana kuleta watoto duniani ambao watapitia tabu kama yangu, na hofia sana,” the artist said.

He went ahead and talked about the Kenyan music industry saying that women in the country are not loyal to  Kenyan music as compared to men.

“Wasichana was Kenya wako busy wana comment kwa page ya Davido, utawapata wana comment kwa page ya Fally Ipupa, utawapata wana comment kwa page ya Diamond kutuka asubuhi hadi jioni,” he said.

Apoko encouraged Kenyan ladies to learn from Tanzanians as well as other countries who support their own artists adding  that women are the ones who are supposed to help a men grow.

“Wanawake wakenya pia ni vizuri wasome wanawake wa nje wanafanya nini,” Ringtone states.





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