Online creator and Comedienne Austin Mungai has opened up about how his uncle discouraged him from pursuing his passion in acting and comedy.

In an interview with Obinna he revealed on how his uncle disparaged his intentions of pursuing a theatre arts course in university. He amusedly expressed how he was forced to rethink his decision for two weeks which made him question on whether his chosen career path would really sustain the comfortable life he wanted.

“Nilikuwa nimechagua nini zote theatre arts funny thing venye wetu watu highschool huwa wanataka kufanya engineering, nataka kuwa daktari nikikosea sana architecture mimi nilisema nataka kufanya acting nataka kuwa comedian watu wakisema wanataka kuenda Moi university wafanye actuarial science combined with IT stroke karate mimi nilichagua theatre arts na film technology hio ndio nilifanya KU na nika graduate ”Austin said before revealing that his uncle told him he had no talent in acting.

”Vile nilimaliza high school uncle yangu aliniuliza nataka kufanya nini nikasema theatre arts akiniambia sina talent ya acting niende nifikirie for two weeks kenye nataka kufanya for a minute enyewe pia mimi siyuko serious nataka kufanya theatre arts” He added.

He admitted how he inadvertently  shook in consternation when he was about to lock lips with his girlfriend which made him discover the crying character which he enforces in his funny skits. Funny enough he revealed his first paycheck from YouTube  made his uncle appreciate his venture on content creation.

If you frequently visit social media pages you must have come across Austin Mungai at some point. He is a social media influencer and a comedian who is well grounded to be distracted by neysayers.

Austin is reknown by his character of crying when victimized, being petty and sending people out with a slogan “toka nje” in his videos which makes him attract many followers. You guy Muigai a popular catch phrase which he uses to indentify himself has further grounded him as a darling to online users.


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