Kenya -Us based bold media personality Andrew Kibe has made waves after declaring his intention to enter the political arena and challenge incumbent Langata MP and fellow radio presenter Jalang’o in the upcoming elections.

Kibe, known for his outspoken and often divisive opinions, is no stranger to politics, having previously ran for office in 2013 with limited success. 

Through a poster on his official Twitter account Kibe revealed his political dream captioning it Photoshop kiasi and this poster is good to go. ⁦@JalangoMwenyewe tukutane kwa debe”

However his fans especially the male gender discouraged him from trying his lack most with the fear that he lacks the qualities and they will miss his class, however some felt that the Kenyan political arena needs bold figures like Andrew kibe.

@PetWekesa stick to content! hii imeenda
@njengasam4805 You’ve attacked even politicians for content… they’d let you cue so they shame you. Don’t try
@BrianOd22021306 Go for it Andrew, the seat is currently empty, this is what we have been waiting for! Go Go

Kibe, known for his divisive views and often misogynistic remarks, is gearing up for a political run in the upcoming election, setting his sights on the coveted position currently occupied by Jalang’o, despite a failed attempt in 2013.
Kibe’s announcement comes as a surprise to many, given his polarizing reputation and the widespread criticism he has faced for his inflammatory comments, particularly regarding gender issues.

His misogynistic views have ignited controversy and raised concerns about his suitability for public office.
In 2013, Kibe made an unsuccessful bid for political office, facing defeat in a competitive race.

However, he appears undeterred by his previous setback, expressing a renewed determination to enter the political arena.

He asserts that he has learned valuable lessons from his past attempt and is now better prepared for the challenges of a political campaign. Jalang’o, the existing one in the constituency Kibe aims, is a respected figure in both the entertainment and political spheres.

He has garnered significant support and trust among constituents, making the upcoming election a formidable challenge for Kibe.

Kibe’s decision to run against Jalang’o has sparked discussions about the qualifications and character of political candidates. Critics argue that his history of controversial statements and divisive rhetoric could undermine his chances of securing voter trust.

As Kibe embarks on this political journey, he faces a demanding uphill battle in convincing the public that he is a suitable candidate for public office, especially in the face of his previous political defeat and ongoing controversies. The election will ultimately determine whether his bid to unseat Jalang’o will be successful or if his divisive reputation will be a stumbling block to his political aspirations.

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