Renowned Gospel singer Ringtone Apoko has declared his affection for Diana Marua.

He has lately come to the defense of Diana, after she was shamed online weeks ago for donning what was deemed inappropriate while posing for a picture with her teenage son Morgan Bahati.

Apoko, in an interview with Mungai Eve, boldly also affirmed that he found it malicious that Morgan Bahati, an innocent child, was dragged into the debacle on social media when his paternal father was speculated  to be Victor Wanyama.

Additionally, he confessed that he loved Diana dearly which made him come to her defense.

He further asked people to refrain from bringing Morgan Bahati into unfounded claims of him being fathered by Wanyama.

He proclaimed audaciously that if events unfolded and Diana’s spouse, Bahati Kioko, died she would come running into his arms. He also sought to clear the air that the Bahatis and him are not enemies.

“Mimi nampenda Diana sana na kwa kweli haya leo Bahati- Mungu aipitishe mbali- leo hii afariki asikuwepo, niko na uhakika mtu wa kwanza amabaye Diana atamkimbilia kumwambia ndugu yako hayuko ni mimi. Uliza Diana, siku moja muulize, wanajua kwamba kaka mkubwa wa Bahati ni Mimi. Vita vyetu vya huku nje havimaanishi chochote, tunapendana sana” Ringtone said.

He made it clear that what netizens think is hatred between them is just the proverbial clashing of doctrines on what is right and wrong.

“Tunakosoana tu, venye nimesema kuwa Bahati anavuta bangi si eti nimemchukia, nataka watoto na wale wasanii wanaokuja kuelewa kwamba kuna vitu hatuwezi fanya, sisi ni kioo cha jamii,” he said.

Ringtone’s comments come just a few days after Bahati shared a photo of himself smoking the “big cigarette” as he marked his ten-year milestone in the music industry. Apoko also offered the power couple 5 million to delete their social media accounts.





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