Comedian Oga Obinna says that he has achieved most of the things that he wanted to achieve in life.

Such things include living a descent life, taking care of his parents, being a good dad and taking his children to good schools. The three things that he is yet to achieve include buying a Range Rover sport, building a exquisite house and touring the world with his children and parents.

Finding a wife and settling down how is however not one of his grand plans.

“Wife huko kidogo…kama si Amber Ray sitaki. Amber Ray akikuja hata leo tunaoana leo.  Huyo niko willing tutapigana tutamenyana na simwachi. Lakini hao wengine, ndoa kidogo tricky. A lot of people who are married are fighting to get out of marriage and a lot of people who are not married are fighting to get into marriage but now when you get into marriage what do you get?” Obinna explained.

“Why do people want to get married because they want to have unlimited sex. You can still have that even if you are not married. Number 2 people because they want kids. You can still get that even if you are not married. Sometimes you will get married for to the wrong person for wrong reasons. Maybe you like the way they look, you get married you realise they are not that person, your personalities don’t match or ideologies ama just family  and then now it doesn’t work, and then you have children who are in a broken family because you looked at different things,” he added.

The former radio host further said that he can only get married on two conditions with one being if its marrying socialite Amber Ray.

“I was never married before but I have cohabited with someone and at the moment sidhani kama its something I want to do again. I already have kids they are okay. I have always wanted a family setup. I have always pictured me  my kids, their mother but now because the maths was not mathing that’s not there. Its just me, my kids, their mothers. We are not together. Its very hard to find me in a marriage setup  unless two things happen, one I fall in love, which I tend to do very aimlessly, its my weakness unapenda mtu mwenye hata hafai kupendwa, zile character nimechapwa its fine or Amber Ray,” Obinna said.



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