The Kenyan social media scene has been set ablaze by the ongoing feud between renowned socialites Vera Sidika and Shakilla Tiffany.

What initially began as a few pointed comments has now escalated into a full-blown clash, leaving fans and followers on the edge of their seats. The feud, triggered by a comment from Shakilla urging Vera to retire due to her age, has since spiraled into personal attacks and public shaming.

The drama started on August 25 when Shakilla openly advised Vera Sidika to step back from the limelight and spend more time with her family.


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The comment, seemingly innocuous at first, was met with a fierce response from Vera who commented; “Never start a fight you can’t finish. All coz you are looking for relevance. I’m done”

This exchange of insults quickly snowballed, with Shakilla attacking Vera’s appearance and plastic surgery choices, while Vera took a jab at Shakilla’s age and reputation.

” At least mine natural and proportional ..not plastic” the 20-year-old slammed Vera.

“Swear ….she needs people like me to stay relevant she was long forgotten..anyway let her enjoy the few seconds of fame I gave her …I know she missed that,” she went on.

As social media platforms became the battleground for their war of words, fans of both socialites began taking sides.

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However, amidst the escalating hostilities, some fans are now stepping in to call for calm. The intensity of the feud has led to concerns about the negative impact it might have on their followers, particularly the younger ones who look up to them.

One of the key turning points in this ongoing saga was the resurfacing of an old video featuring Vera and Shakilla during their past friendship. The video showcases the two laughing and enjoying each other’s company.

Ironically, this video, which serves as a reminder of their once-amicable relationship, has only intensified the feud, as it highlights the contrast between their current situation and their former bond.

Shakilla’s recent move to share an image of Vera with darker skin and a comment about her supposed need for relevance has garnered mixed reactions. A fan told Shakilla  “This fight is childish just leave her! chose peace”

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