Content creator Kabugi has explained why he has never pursued his colleague Sheryl Gabriella romantically.

In an interview with  SPM Buzz, Kabugi said that engaging in romance would have messed them up thus resulting to losses.

He further denied claims that they had broken up and that’s why they came out to clarify their relationship.

“Mi husema usiwahi kula stock, mi pia ni stock yake in a way. The moment umeanza kukula vitu kwa duka utakuwa unajimess utapata unaenda losses na hurealize. By default tumekuwa tunasee each other as partners, as you all though. Vile watu wanasema ati tulikosana tukajificha, wasee hawakosanagi halafu wakaendelea kuwork pamoja so tuliwaambia kitu ilikuwa” Kabugi said.


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A few weeks ago, Sheryl and Kabugi addressed speculations surrounding their relationship. Their fans were convinced that they were dating because of their chemistry. Others also thought that Kabugi was the father of Sheryl’s son.

“As Kabugi and Sheryl we’ve never dated or been a couple. We have been executing our characters so well that you guys think there is more but there’s none” they said in a video shared on their YouTube channel.



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