kenyan content creators Sheryl and Kabugi have rubbished dating rumors amidst pubic speculations that something is going on between them.

Despite the hot chemistry ,the duo who were thought to be dating revealed that their relationship is strictly professional, however, their niche in content creation has molded them into an imaginary active family.

Shery and Kabugi shared this during an interview with youtuber Nicholas Kioko.

“As Kabugi and Sheryl we’ve never dated or been a couple. We have been executing our characters so well that you guys think there is more but there’s none” they said in a video shared in their channel.

During the interview that saw them highlight the challenges they face dailly, Sheryl came out clear that she’s single but not looking for love since she only wants to focus on content creation.

However, apart from acting, the two seem to have a great bond.

Last year during Kabugi’s  birthday Sheryl surprised him w with gifts topped up by a good  money,on the other hand

Kabugi took Sheryl’s son to coast for a trip, adding that the young boy will forever be his family because they have already established a bond.

Of the two the more private one is Kabugi who came into the limelight after hilariously mimicking former president Uhuru  Kenyatta’s speech.

He affirmed to keep his personal relationships private but in any case he puts his life out it will be on the basis of mutual agreement.

“I am a comedian and you will never see my private life out there. If I will ever bring my private life out there then know we shall have agreed on it,” Kabugi said.

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