Internet users have continued to show their curiosity towards Vera Sidika and her motherhood journey with her eldest child Asia Brown being their concern.

Vera however ,seems not to be quenching their thirst over how Asia Brown looks like as they keep complaining about the tendency of her being seen in filters.

The conversation about Asia’s raw face came up once again yesterday evening after she was posted on her mother’s Instagram feed.

”Bado nangoja siku tutapostiwa uso ya Asia bila filters….usidelete comment yangu tena unless unajua ni ukweli”

This particular fan was however shut by Vera’s followers who believe that the baby is beautiful regardless

”I think the filters ni jst for her complexion and making her lashes full,but her prettiness is legit,so either way she’s a very cute girl, especially now venye amekuwa chubby”


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”Wewe Mwenyewe ujaeka sura unataka kuona ya Mtoto wa wenyewe😢Asia is pretty with or without filter,toa apa uchawi yako”

”Sasa wewe unawashwa na uso ya mtoto wake kwanini?”

Asia who was born on 20th October 2021`must be a lucky baby following good things that have come her was since the day she was born.

Her parents organized for her a lavish half birthday which was graced by Vera’s close friends and family members.

“It’s about that time!!! Asia’s Half Birthday tomorrow 💃🏻🎊🥰 super excited,” she wrote.

Asia became a business CEO at 6 months after her parents launched her her first business known as  ‘Asia Brown Babycare’ 



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