Actress Jackie Matubia has revealed that she doesn’t go to church.

Jackie confirmed that she has friends who go to church but church has never been her thing because she has never found the right church.

“I believe in God. I don’t go to church. Sijapata kanisa bado. Those are my friends but me  kila mtu ako na personal relationship with God,” she said during an interview with YouTube Content creator Vincent Mboya.

At the same time, she revealed that she got her first million when she was just 22 years old.

“I did an advert. I was staying alone. I started living alone immediately after high school so I was working immediately after high school,” the mother of two said.

The Zora actress also said that she doesn’t love any sporting activities.

“In high school nilikuwa najificha nisiende cross country. Sports has never been my thing. It’s just acting, drama,” she said.

Of the tv series that she has been featured , Jackie said that Zora is her favourite because it provided her an opportunity to be act different characters.

“All the shows am given am always this particular person but Zora.. mara niko mzuri mara niko mbaya mara nalia. It was just a rollercoaster for me, I loved the fact that I had to master this and this because nilikuwa nimezoea kuwa mtu mmoja,” she said.

Jackie further said that the most expensive thing that she owns currently is her car, a Mercedes Benz.

The award winning actress in the recent days has been on the headlines following her separation with her friends Milly Chebby and Terence Creative. She also recently made controversial remarks about her baby daddy Blessing Lungaho that saw netizens bash her.

“Mi nawaambianga hata mkiamua kupata watoto, pateni watoto na watu wako na akili. Juu wengine wetu pia, hata nawaadvise na pia mimi kiliniramba, unajua uzuri wangu mimi, I  as truthful as it comes,” she had said in a YouTube video.


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