Renown rapper Nyashinski tripped, fell and rolled on the stage while performing at Solfest on Thursday night.

In a video that has been shared online, the incident happened when he was making his entrance to the stage to perform his song with Sauti Sol, short and Sweet.

Bien quickly lifted him up and the performance continued smoothly as the audience cheered  them on.

Nyashinski shared the video on his Insta story making fun of it. He also termed the show as the best ever.

“I rolled into solfest in style. Best F**king show ever,” he captioned the video.


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His fans were pleased by how he was quickly recollected himself and here are some of their reactions.

Njeri: I have never seen someone make tripping so cool. True legend.

Fancy Fingers: Our GOAT!Thats to confirm you on a roll my G. Mad love sasa Sato tutsese zaidi

Anyiko: That was such a beautiful performance and how you rolled in. Loved it. Even a fall can be so stylish.

Wandra: Hata akianguka anaanguka kiGOAT. Goated.

Koki: A fall has never been that smooth. Was the crown too heavy @realshinski ? 😂 GOAT.

Thursday however marked the beginning of Sauti Sol’s last dance before the famous band proceeds on a hiatus. The Thursday concert was a VIP show with tickets going for Kshs20,000. The event was sold out.

The boy band, in May, announced that they would be going for the break, after their world tour which was concluded on  September 3. Solfest marks the end of their performance as a group in the meantime.

Their last show, dubbed Fans show,  will be held on Saturday November 4.

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