Paul Kagame has today revealed Rwanda’s latest step towards pan-Africanism by declaring no visa requirements for all African citizens.

During his address at the World Travel and Tourism Council Global Summit held in Kigali, Kagame stated that Rwanda’s decision to do away with visa restrictions was a move towards enhancing tourism and making Rwanda one of the best tourist destinations.

The president influenced Africans to get on planes and visit Rwanda assuring them that they would not be charged entry fees into the country.

”We have also removed visa restrictions for every African Country as well as many other countries,”  Kagame revealed.

”Any African can get on a plane to Rwanda whenever they wish and will not pay a thing to enter our country,” the president assured.

Kagame further advised other African heads of state to concentrate on domestic and continental market since in future , there woulb be alot to be ripped since the middle class In Africa is growing at a fast pace

”We should not lose sight of our own continental market,” he said. “Africans are the future of global tourism as our middle class continues to grow at a fast pace in the decades to come.” said the president.

Rwanda joins Gambia,Seychelles and Benin to become 4th in the list of countries that have eliminated visa requirements for Africans.

The announcement comes days after President William Ruto hinted at Kenya making a similar move before the end of the year during the summit of the Three Basins on Biodiversity in Congo Brazzaville.

The two nations are seemingly giving a nod to the African Union which launched African Passports in 2016.

In their webiste, the AU states that the passport is “aimed at removing restrictions on Africans ability to travel, work and live within their own continent,”






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