Salem actress Jackie Matubia has continued to drop hints about her baby daddy, Blessing Lungaho, being an irresponsible father.

The mother of two recently opened up in a candid YouTube video where outrightly targeted her second baby daddy.

In a midst of a sarcastic laughter, she advised her female fans to get babies with men who have brains.

“Mi nawaambianga hata mkiamua kupata watoto, pateni watoto na watu wako na akili. Juu wengine wetu pia, hata nawaadvise na pia mimi kiliniramba, unajua uzuri wangu mimi, I  as truthful as it comes,” Jackie said.

A section of Netizens  were not to be pleased with her comment while others  totally  understood  where she was coming from.

Kwamboka  said, “The “watu wako na akili part was  unnecessary “its disrespectful  when you know very well your ex, his family and friends  will see. If you got kids with watu hawana akili, then you also dont have akili. Some things  just laugh them off with your girlfriends but don’t put them on social media, so juvenile.”

Ngoyo Esther on the other hand stood up for her, defending her against trolls.

“If you are calling Jackie sick, bitter etc, you are insane. You think people get into relationships,  give  birth to be dumped? You raising a child alone is easy? Fools judging someone speaking her truth, since when did speaking out become bitter and sick? Nkt, ” she commented.

” Calling  your baby daddy mtu hana akili is so wrong.  Lungaho is still Zendeya’s father no matter what. Respect  the happy moments you shared together. Remember  the  internet  doesnt forget,” read another comment.

The remarks comes barely day after she threw another shade at Blessing.

The actress had shared a video of her firstborn, Zari, sitting on the stairs as she waited for her pilot dad to pick her up. Jackie engaged her in questions and the minor revealed where they were heading with her father.

She followed up the video with another of her last born daughter, Zendaya, who was moving around the house.

“Na huyu because I am the only one she has, she stayed home with mummy. Also, she has started wearing her sister’s dressed that were too small,” the former Zora actress  captioned Zendaya’s video.



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