Brian Chira

TikToker Brian Chira has come out to apologize to celebrities the has wronged in the recent days through his TikTok account.

Chira shared his apology video that showed him on his knees. He claimed that he was remorseful and wrong for insulting them.

“Naitwa Chira, Brian Chira. Please as you can see I’m on my knees seeking for your forgiveness. Jalas, Obinna, Omondi…to all those that I’ve hurt along the way early in the morning, I’m going to seek counselling I’ve got so much going on please please find it in your heart to forgive me. Give me one more chance,” Chira said.

He also felt that he owed Kenyans an apology for his behaviour but specifically to his fan base whom he refers to as  ‘Chira’ clan.

“To the Chira clan, all I’m asking for is one more chance,” he stated. “This morning naenda kuona counsellor.”

Kenyans on instagram have reacted to his apology video with sharp criticism with many urging Chira to get professional help.

On Wednesday, Chira, a Kabarak University student, went viral again after attacking Lang’ata MP Phelix Odiwour who is popularly known as Jalang’o. Chira insulted Jalang’o after he failed to came to his rescue as he had hoped.

Socialites Huddah Monroe, Vera Sidika, Amber Ray and Comedian Oga Obinna were not left out of his rant.

Meanwhile, Obinna, one of his key supporters that was keen on seeing him reform, has since bowed out. He however said that he will get the professional help they had agreed on

“Brian Chira is hurting guys. It is a call of help, whatever is happening now so whoever can help kindly do so because what you Kenyans are doing is not good. You’ve heard he’s also dissed me saying I treated him as a VIP then I gave him 4000 and I treated him like a human being and the 4000 I gave him was transport back to Nakuru because I assumed he was going back to Nakuru but apart from all the agreements we had, the guiding and counselling, he is gonna get everything we agreed but right now nimeosha mkono, I am out. You Kenyans are doing a wrong thing, you are gassing him up, watching his live you are making him feel like he is winning while he is not,” he said



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