Crazy Kennar

Content creators Bushra and Yvonne Khisa have  disclosed why they went separate ways  with comedian crazy Kennar  during an interview with Dr. Ofweneke on TV 47.

Bushra, who was one of the lead cast members said that there was a lot of disrespect that forced them out of Tales of Crazy Kennar. She made it clear that their collaboration had come to an end and there are no possibilities of them getting together again.

The duo admitted that they were disappointed with how things turned out because they had been like a family for 6 years.

“You can consider someone but someone else is not considering you. The disrespect was too much to go back. We have not talked ever since,” Bushra said.

Yvonne Khisa’s decision to leave the house of comedy group was accompanied by a cryptic post on her Instagram.

“Toxic people acting as a victim is the funniest sh*t ever,” she wrote before proceeding to unfollow Crazy Kennar.

Netizens were not shy to chime in on their take on the confessions of their separation.

“Follow My honest opinion, Kennar is doing better without them. Sometimes you have to let people go for you to fly higher and higher. And now they need to work harder to reach where Kennar is. It’s good to learn better and apply that knowledge in a great way before leaving a group. I think they were limiting Kennar to some extent,” a netizen said

You need Kennar more than he does. He is the catalyst in the game!!” another wrote

Humble yourselves and you will be elevatedI understand the generation that wanna make it in 6 months time after getting a job. I am not a fan of Kennar; but of late, he is doing better without them”  another user added.





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