Embattled socialite and TikToker Brian Chira is back to insulting and disrespecting  celebrities through his TikTok account

This round he has targeted Lang’ata MP Phelix Odiwour aka Jalang’o. Chira called out saying that he has been looking for him for long to help him without success. He alleged that the MP would not be where he is today were it not for his well documented scandal about him cheating with multiple women on his wife back in 2021 which was exposed by blogger Edgar Obare.

“Jalang’o ni gari za kuenda wapi. Jalang’o hata uko na maisha? Kama si hio scandal yako na Edgar Obare ungekuwa mahali uko?Jalang’o ghasia hii, nimeishi kukutafuta, juu umefika wewe ni MP. Nimeishi kumtafuta anisaidie. Lakini juu sina yenye mnajua sina hawezinitafuta, siwezitafutwa,” the 22-year old said.

He also called out  call out socialite Vera Sidika saying that he is coming for her sighting that he feels that she has nothing on him. Chira cited that Vera should own up to her issues. He further aimed at beauty mogul and socialite Huddah Monroe stating that he was the new number one socialite, adding that he is the future of show biz industry in the country.

TikToker Brian Chira speaks on claims that he is gay

Amber Ray was not left out of the  list either. Chira referred to a previous scandal where a netizen exposed Amber that she used to be an escort at a spar which offered happy endings after massages. He also said that he is not afraid of the consequences of his action because all he said was nothing but the truth.

Chira is currently facing a legal battle after he was sued by Media personality Azziad Nasenya over defamation. The accusation also saw him get suspended  from Kabarak University.

Recently, he begged Azziad for forgiveness but many  thought he was not being honest with the apology.


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