Rayvanny and his baby mama and wife Fahyma have been serving couple goals after their grand reunion in April this year.

The couple decided to continue with their romantic relationship after 3 year of being a part.

During their separation, Rayvanny moved on and dated Frida Kajala’s daughter Paula, but they eventually broke up, with Rayvanny going back to Fahyma’s arms.

Since then, Rayvanny has not ceased showering Fahyma with love and affection and in July this year, he vowed to never leave her.

“Nikimuacha Niueeeni 😜😜😜😜 Happy birthday mtoto mzuuuuriiii,”  he said while celebrating her birthday.

She has also been featured in his music video.

As their romantic journey continues,  Fahyma alias Fahyvanny now says that she doesn’t mind if Rayvanny sleeps with another woman.

The mother of admitted that during a live Instagram session, while telling off those who report Rayvanny’s mischiefs to her.

Fahyma said that she is not hurt by the reports and that they only help her in some way.

“Sasa wewe mwanamume wangu, ukiniambia eti ndio anamfanya mtu Fulani unadhani ndio unaniumiza au? Wala siumii, nasaidiwa mimi,” she said.

According to her, she would have been bothered if the Bongo singer lacked such scandals. Fahyma said that that Rayvanny sleeping with other women and returning to her at the end of the day only means that she is best woman for him.

“Maana mimi ndio the best wife in town, halafu yule mwanamume ni lijali, na angekuwa hana hizo skendo ningekuwa hata na mimi nasema ‘eeh huyu mwanamume mbona sisikii’ ningekuwa nasema ‘vipi huyu’ lakini yuko vizuri, namuamini, acha atembeze kichapo. Hata akitoa laki 5 kwa one-night stand sio mbaya. Halafu akimaliza anarudi kwa mke wake hapa anatoa milioni 10,” said Fahyma.



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