Mother-in-law actors Catherine Kamau alias Kate actress and Patrick Oketch Odhiambo reunited recently.

The duo played the role of Selina and Charlie respectively, as husband and wife, in the popular drama series that is aired on Citizen TV.

While Kate exited the programme a few years ago, Charlie still features on it.

The duo reunited at a colourful ceremony where by they were donning African print outfits.

Also in their company was Serah Martin, who plays the role of Maria in Mother-in-law.

Details about the event they were attending were not disclosed but Kate shared their moment through a photo on her Instagram account, seemingly joking about her single status.

“Soko ni nyinyi na watu wa kwenu…Mrs Charlie,” she proudly said.

“Confuse us until we learn to mind our business,” one of her fans commented on the photo.

Another said, ” Hautatupea pressure, anyways ni wapi tukujie mchele na soda ya fanta.”

“Enyewe ni kuoga na kutokea, kaende kaende,” read another comment as another said that resting will only be in heaven.


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The mother of two has not shied from embracing her single status since announcing that she had parted ways with film director Philip Karanja.

To date, it is not clear why the duo separated after a 10-year union. In April this year, there were rumours that they had split but they tried shut that down, with Kate sharing a video with Phil during an event.

In September 2023, they confirmed their fans’ worst worry.

“We came to a conclusion to end our marriage a long while ago and are separated. We sincerely request everyone to honour our wishes for privacy for us and our children,”the said in a joint statement.

Kate added that their divorce had not been a secret but it’s only that they had decided to privatise it.

‘We were never a secret, just private. To all our dear fans, ASANTENI SANA, for the support over the years,” the popular actress said.



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