Bongo Musician Rayvanny aka Chui has left his fans in great confusion and worry after sharing a cryptic message on Instagram.

On Thursday, the father of one took to the social media platform saying that everything that has a beginning has an end.

The Tetema hitmaker added that he couldn’t believe that the final moment had surely arrived.

“Kila chenye mwanzo hakikosi mwisho. Siamini kama huu ni mwisho. Ila naziona Dakika za mwisho. Tulianza pamoja! tulifurahi, tulishinda sana, Ila acha tumalize Dakika za mwisho pamoja kesho,” Rayvanny stated.

It is not clear why the artist shared the message but many have believed that he is set to drop a song with the title ‘Dakika za mwisho.’

“Itakuwa bonge la ngoma inakuja,” an Instagram user said as another comment read, “achia korodani hilo basi.”

Another netizen bashed those assuming that his statement was all meant for chasing clout and attracting attention ahead of his upcoming music project. The netizen noted that such a statement might actually depict the actual status of an artist.

“Ipo siku msanii atapost kitu au ataandika anayo pitia mtabak kusema bonge la ngoma mala achai dude ilo mkiamin ni ujio mpya wa ngoma kumbe mtu anateketea,” the Instagram user stated.

“Bro usha move on kitambo so simamia njia yako hakuna haja mbona unaweza bila kukaa kwenye kile kitu lets go,” another netizen told him.

Others social media users pestered him wanting to know what was going on.



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